Boardroom Brilliance: Crafting a Standout Board Resume

Learn the secrets to crafting a compelling board resume that propels your executive profile to new heights in the competitive world of directorship. Passcode: CJ2^1Awe

Craft Your Most Effective Executive Resume

Crafting Your Most Effective Executive Resume.Tailored exclusively for top-tier, seasoned executives, this session will provide invaluable insights and expert guidance to help you showcase your extensive experience and accomplishments, ensuring your executive resume stands out in today's competitive professional landscape. Elevate your career prospects with the strategic resume-building knowledge shared by industry leaders at this must-attend virtual event! A copy of the recording is here

Executive Compensation

High-level strategies for executive compensation in multiple industries and geographical regions.

Investing In Tomorrow’s Tech: Empowering Success in Private Equity and Venture Capital Landscapes

How technology enables the acceleration of value creation? Why do PE and VC think differently about technology investments and is that mindset changing? Passcode: $=z^jN6G

Build your startup network event

Build your startup network

Step Edge slides

Slides from Step Edge


Slides from Torev

The Veteran Leaders

Slides from TVL

PE Series: Understanding the PE landscape

Understand the landscape of Private Equity. Understand the multitude of investment strategies with varying risk-return profiles in PE. Passcode: a4ibww.w

Hacking and Maximizing Executive Compensation

Are you leaving money on the table? Learn from the compensation expert the strategies and guidance on maximizing your executive compensation during negotiations for a new opportunity. An invaluable session for EMBAs to maximize compensation as you get ready for the next big opportunity

My First 100 Days in an Executive Role

Parachuting in and becoming the new executive of an existing company is probably the most challenging job in business today. Balancing the demands and expectations of multiple groups will be very difficult and will require a pragmatic approach in prioritizing the issues. Plan on 100 days of constant pressure-packed days and sleepless nights.

Becoming a top candidate for internal promotions 

Becoming a top candidate for internal promotions. Learn about the process and steps you should follow 

Resume -Template

Management Consulting Resume -Template

Putting your EMBA to the test - Part 2 - You and Investors

Putting your EMBA to the test: Starting a Business with Tom Berger – why EMBAs should start businesses. Tom is a successful executive, entrepreneur, EMBA coach, an investor who ran seven startups sold for over $260M

Transitioning to Management Consulting

Transitioning to Management Consulting with Lynn M Rivenburgh – Conversation with Lynn Rivenburgh- Managing Director at Deloitte Consulting about finding opportunities and succeeding at a senior level in Management Consulting

Get Results - How to Craft your most effective executive resume

Learn from an executive resume writer what makes an executive resume stand out. Bring your resume and get feedback from EMBAs in the same industry

Putting Your EMBAs to Test- Starting a Business

why EMBAs should start businesses. Tom is a successful executive, entrepreneur, EMBA coach, an investor who ran seven startups sold for over $260M


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